June 25, 2008

The Kingdom of God

(Exodus 19:6) Our obedience sets us apart as the Kingdom of God. God's deliverance is what brought us here and gave us the right to see the Kingdom built up around us.

(1 Chronicles 29:11) The Kingdom Experiences we have are gifts given to us to help us realize our place before God. They are given to us so that we can offer them back to God in praise.

(Psalm 45:6) The Kingdom of God is brought forth not only by our representation of God's grace and compassion, but by our representations of His justice and sacrifice, as well.

(Daniel 4:3) God's Kingdom is eternal and immaterial. We cannot measure it, we can only experience it.

The Kingdom of God is:
  • God's will being done
  • God's glory being proclaimed
  • God's character being displayed

[[ Still not finished! ]]

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