July 03, 2008

Romance on an Index Card

If only I could touch Your robe
And all Your glory could introduce itself to my heart
It would be an instant romancing
Your love would beckon me to trust
Though my heart would decline
Until You make Your proposal to my soul
And I run out of reasons to say no
Then You would take me in Your arms and
Dance me across this place I call home
In a split second, You could heal me
And watch all my fears fade away.

[[He looks at me in a way I know I do not deserve. It's just like You. You have given me this gift, and present it continually while I look for every reason that it might not last... or every reason why I don't deserve it. Is it really like You said? Your promises are free for me to claim. You offer them daily. You place them before me. You hand them directly to my heart.]]

"Bring me into
Your holiness
Your Kingdom,
Your righteousness
My freedom"

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