February 05, 2011

Desire of My Heart

When Jesus says to us, "You give me your life, and I'll give you Mine," He didn't just mean freedom, miracles, and authority. He meant all of it. He meant sorrow. He meant loving... giving yourself to people and receiving betrayal, hatred, and abandonment in return. He didn't promise happy. He didn't promise safe, but He did promise abundant, beautiful, and glorious. He promises GOOD, and it is the only way to the Father.

"Yes, Lord, walking in Your ways, we eagerly seek You; for Your name and Your renown are the desires of our hearts." Isaiah 26:8

Let’s Go to Church

In 2017, I wrote a book. It’s not the book I thought I would write. I was on course to finish my third novel, In Terms of Liv by Novemb...