September 29, 2006


"The travesty, my dear Amy, is that you are more intent on shaping your dear little nose than you are on fashioning your character." - Marmee (Little Women, Louisa May Alcott)

September 21, 2006

America's Next Top Model

Last night, my sister and I watched America's Next Top Model. While it was funny at times, and the photography was superb (even inspired me to possibly get back into it), I noticed something that made me really quite ill.

All of the women who tried out for the competion were on there because they "wanted to make something of themselves", or otherwise prove to the world that they were far more than just a pretty face. This puzzled me a little, to be perfectly honest. If you want to be something more than a pretty face, why become a model? After a while, though, it became all to clear to me how much of a joke the competion really was.

The first photoshoot was-- get ready for it-- a nude shoot. Granted, it was tastefully done (regardless of what your opinion is on nude art, it was not in the least pornographic.), but the idea of forcing all of these women to do what most models take years to gather the courage to do is ridiculous. On top of that, all of the women made fun of the two girls who were not comfortable with posing nude. Needless to say, these two girls (even though they were eventually coaxed into it) did not make it to the next level of the competition.

My point in saying all of this is-- it is not in the least bit feministic to go on national television and pose nude for a camera. Nor is it encouraging to other women who are unsure of themselves to ridicule them until they follow your own idea of what feminine liberation is. It seems to me that this feminist ideal is falling further and further from what the first feminists wanted for us.

Stop objectifying yourself and fellow women-- you ARE more than a pretty face. So cover yourself up and sharpen your mind, soul, and compassion in order that you may become graceful, honorable women of integrity. It's what we were made to be. THAT is how you prove yourself to the world.

September 06, 2006

Coming Soon...

Here is a tenative list of upcoming peices I'll be posting. Check back regularly to read!
  • Women and Equality
  • The Opression of Women Within Protestant Tradition
  • Celibacy: A Protestant Defense
  • The Retail Manifesto

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