February 12, 2007

Things That I ABSOLUTELY adore

Since I posted all of my pet peeves, I thought I'd make a list of some of the things I really, really love. Here goes..

- The fact that God is a rescuer
- Rain storms
- Fruit snacks
- Old movies... the overacted, underrated black and white ones.
- The Temptations
- Art... visual manifestation of human passions.
- MY FAMILY. If you know them, this does not need explanation-- but I'll explain anyway.
- My daddy's smiles-- there are different ones for different moods. I especially love his mischievous smile :)
- My mommy's chocolate chip cookies... they taste different every time.
- Anthony's geek moments... there are too many of them to count.
- Mark's completely random sense of humor.
- The fact that Christopher HONORS me... he doesn't just love me.
- Amy's uninhibited laugh, outrageous smile, and ability to trust and love people.
- The books of Isaiah, Lamentations, Romans, and Jeremiah. Biblical poetry-- mmmm.
- Finding God amidst sorrow, and realizing that that is all too often right where He belongs-- because it's right next to you.
- Laughing until I cry.
- Words... all words... every kind of word.
- My friends.
- The fact that my puppy mopes when you mope and tries to cheer you up when you cry.
- The fact that my bunny is more obedient than my puppy-- and he throws fits and stomps when he's mad... okay... I just love my bunny.
- Springtime.
- Warm sweaters
- Chivalrous men
- Color
- Contrast
- My best friends, Abbi, Ian, and Teia--
-Abbi, my sister, who loves unconditionally and speaks truth into my life. I want to be like Abbi if I ever get to grow up.
- Ian, who stretches my mind and challenges me to think outside of my emotions, and who can just goof off and talk about monkeys and hippos and all sorts of useless things.
-Teia, who just plain challenges me. Without her, I'd probably be some agoraphobic psycho. :)
- I LOVE being single.
- I love my nephew... for so so so many reasons. :)
- I love writing... it's cathartic.
- I love reading... it's therapeutic.

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Terry M. Goodwin said...

Can I add a few here - I didn't think you would mind.

My kids - all of them for different reasons

My wife - too many reasons to list

Her dog - what a challenge she has been.

A mist covered pond on a warm spring morning as you load the boat to go fishing.

Long boards on my feet and snow on the hillside.

Ice storms

Mountains - best when viewed from the top

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