June 14, 2006

Feminism at its Finest

Well, I finished the book, Nickel and Dimed.It was enlightening. You should read it if you like discussion of welfare reform, and can tolerate stupid feminist garbage (not to be confused with GOOD feminist ideology.) Apparently, everything in low-wage work is the result of oppression of women in America. Now, I'll admit that in the past, we HAVE been oppressed, and there are certainly still some really chauvinistic people out there. I will also admit that I think the idea of eradicating welfare is unwise, and single mothers should most certainly not be pushed off the system if they cannot provide for their children, or if there is not someone else willing to help. However-- we cannot blame all men for the injustices committed by just a minority of them.

I don't think that most feminists have stopped to think that maybe-- just maybe-- the men they all too often accuse of being pigs are actually victims of an unjust mindset that has been passed down to them. If it is true that human beings act only as they learn from their environment (which most liberals would agree with, as would most feminists), then they are only acting out in reaction to their own oppression-- an oppression of behavior and mentality that has been pressed upon them by their fathers, grandfathers, and so on. The male species as a whole is not at fault for welfare reform, or single mothers who hold low paying jobs in cities they can't afford to live in.

To go further, I think that many times, it is the fault of the women. We have been brought up in a world where independence equals empowerment-- even if that means leaving our husbands, holding minimum wage jobs, and abandoning our children all for the sake of boosting our ability to say "I am woman, hear me roar!"

On Aprils

Ten years ago, I sat in the dining hall of a Christian camp. A man my father's age sat with me. It was April, and I had no idea... I had...