May 16, 2012

Decision Point

Obviously, when I read I want to write. Lately, it seems that I can't stop reading, whether it is British or Australian chick-lit, classic short stories, whole books of the Bible in single sittings, young adult sci-fi novels, or Christian Fiction, I just can't stop. I have discovered so many new inspirational authors in the past few weeks, with no small thanks to the library's newest reading program and their mobile app for free e-books. I figured that, in light of all of this reading, I should probably start writing, for real, again. Not writing once every few weeks, tacking on a lame five or six paragraphs at the end of what I've already got, but writing for a day straight, at least once a week.

See, I am revising my novel that I self-published so many years ago. Actually, "revision" is a very poor word choice. In fact, I think I should be honest here and say that I am not revising, I am, in fact, re-writing. Why? Because, as a teenager, I wrote a very shallow novel. It was 110 pages about a fictional character who is supposed to contain all of the twisted and tied up emotions that I had as a teenager struggling with self-abuse,. Emotions about friends, family, God,  responsibility, and vulnerability. In 110 very shallow pages, with no character development and no real honesty, I can say with utmost confidence that I failed at my attempt.

So, in order to rectify this situation, I have made a decision, and I am now broadcasting this decision to the world, or whoever might read this and care. Please hold me to it, ask me about it, and when the time comes, please help me accomplish it.

I am rewriting Unvoiced. I am telling the truth. I am saying it like it really is. And, I will be finished by the end of 2012.

On Aprils

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