February 08, 2007

Things That Bug Me a Little

When in doubt, write about your pet peeves.

So.. okay... I really can't stand when you're in a public place with someone, and you spend a lot of time in close proximity to them, and when you get home you SMELL like them. That drives me absolutely insane.

I also can't stand it when Christians jump down a non-Christian's throat with a bunch of theology and philosphy that isn't even relevant to any conversation being held-- it's like they're just looking for something to argue about, instead of trying to inform someone of their religion or what have you.

REALLY cold weather
Catching a cold
Days when you feel absolutely massive
giant reading assignments

loosing an assignment you should have turned in two days ago, and finding that it's NOT, in fact, saved on your computer

realizing there really IS something wrong with how your mind works.

Going shopping with your brother who is more picky than you are... or your sister... or your mom.

Wearing high heals, forgetting that you walk around a college campus all day.

Trying to write a great paper that turns out completely incoherant by the second page.

not being able to sleep
people asking "What's wrong?"
retail customers
decided ignorance
extremist thinking

When I'm trying to sleep, and my blanket is upside down, or the seam of the blanket is not near my head.

When I can't concentrate.

When I really want coffee, but I forgot my wallet at home.

Overbearing profanity.
illogical debaters
people who can't just define the issue
socks that fall off
shoes that are just a little bit too big

I'm a little irritable, methinks.


Terry M. Goodwin said...

How about these -

The people at restaurants that ask "How was everything" but never listen to your answer. Try telling them you think the soup was poisoned and they will say "Great, I'm glad you enjoyed everything"

Preachers that claim the Gospel guarantees health and wealth.

America's addiction to television, especially Christians.

Bob Carder said...

It's good to grouch once in a while. My list is longer!

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