May 11, 2008

Those Durn Trees

I am very good at being the Jessicanator.

I'm good at preaching the theology of waiting at the foot of Christ. I'm good at telling others how much of a blessing it is to see promises fulfilled by God. I'm good at telling others that it is exciting to see God's hand unfold every new thing and work out every variable. I am good at guarding my heart. I am good at knowing what I should be doing. I am good at carrying myself with some measure of grace and composure. I am good at not liking ooshy-gooshy romance movies. I am good at appreciating the art of flying solo. I am good at mentoring others in the way of the "Boylessness Movement."

But there are somethings that I am not so good at.

I am not good at waiting. I am not good at looking into a pair of striking blue eyes and ignoring their intentions. I am not good at not being a girl. I am apperantly not good at reading a text message written in Yoda-speak without having to stifle a giggle or squelch a smile. I am not good at appreciating God's timing. I am not even good at recognizing it. I am not good at seeing the forest.

But, I am very good at inspecting those trees.....

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