April 03, 2008

blue italics

I wish GOD

Would speak a little LOUDER

or even just

whisper softly

to say "yes"



"here, now, how, who"

or just


I wish "being still and knowing"

didn't mean

"being silent and letting"

Letting God be God

Letting promises be promises

and choosing to place my heart in knowing


When I was a child,
The world, to me, seemed so old.
All I could do was live to catch up
All I could do was die to be alive
But now, life really begins
When the scars stop bleeding
When they no longer scream
When they no longer define me
(they no longer deface me)
This once defeated temple is surely not dead
Because if the grave has lost its sting--
If Death has no victory,
Then Christ has it all.

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