December 18, 2007

Crafty Christmas...

It's just been one of those Christmas seasons where I decide that all of my gifts will be hand made. Along with this decision comes the inevitable desire to cook and bake non-stop. I'm slowly becoming a crafty-blog-aholic, and trying out everything I possibly can, such as...

Pocket Pinboards made for two of the awesome girls in my life, though I cannot disclose names.

Detail on the absolutely adorable fabric on the pink one.

And Rock candy for the kids in the church, though I'm thinking that it still has a few days to go.

Thursday, I'm making some strawberry scones. I've never made scones before, but I'm hoping they turn out really well. Friday is the Goodwin Female baking day before Christmas, and then the real Christmas Time begins. Hurrah!

Florida vacation will begin on Christmas day, which is a way for my dad to TOTALLY throw out all Christmas traditions. We did manage to still have secret santa sort of things, and I made my gifts, though I can't say anything more about it than that. Someone might find out. =-O

All in all, I'm pretty excited. I do loves me some Christmas Season.

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