February 14, 2007

Smart Girls Still Believe in Love

I have repeated this phrase over and over to myself after reading the book, "Dating Mr. Darcy" on Christmas of 2005. As many know, I loathe Valentines day with a passion, but I do not hate love. It is tradition for me to wear all black, watch sad movies, listen to old Country music, and even pin a felt broken heart to my shirt on this "day of love", and so I did today-- with only one difference.

I walked down the stairs in my all black outfit, and threw my arms in the air, proclaiming, "HAPPY SINGLES AWARENESS DAY!" to my younger sister. I was stopped by my mother who informed me that my sister was not happy to celebrate her singleness. I wasn't really surprised at this. She is 16, after all, and being pure is never popular, and it is rarely easy-- especially when all of your friends are obtaining "hot" boyfriends, and you've only had a couple that you regret (trust me, I understand this perfectly.

"At least your prince won't find you kissing a frog." I reassured her.

I decided to show her the "exception" to my Singles Awareness Day garb-- I pulled up my black pant leg to reveal pink and white plaid socks. I then repeated my motto;

"Smart girls still believe in love."

" It seems I've come to a realization. Despite the fact that I hate Valentines Day with a passion, it is no reason to be Anti-LOVE. Love is not evil. It's not something created by corporations to rake in the big-bucks. It's not even a fantasy. It's real, it's committment, it's responsibility, it's commanded by God, it's an attribute of God... and for someone to deny this beautiful gift under the pretense of bitterness is surely as close to a grave sin as one could ever come.
So, today, forget about all of the stupid people you've dated and all of the wrecked "love stories" you've experienced. Forget that love has become something shallow in our society-- something that's been torn up and thrown away so many times that we've begun to hate it (ironic.. we hate love). Forget about your need to be UNfeminine. Smart girls still believe in love.
Smart girls still embrace the beauty of a possible future romance, and they realize that romance isn't what defines them. Smart girls love everyone fiercely, and they make every effort to portray love ina an honorable, graceful way. Smart girls dig smart guys who honor them and treat them with respect and Godly admiration EVERYDAY of the year, not just on February 14. THAT is love.
I'll say it again...
Smart girls still believe in love." (February 14, 2006)

Contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly acceptable, and actually often BETTER to be single. Don't let the idiocy of Valentine's Day get you down if you are single.

Also, if you are currently in the love of you life and 100% convinced that you're RIGHT where you should be, CONGRATULATIONS, and may God bless the love you're experiencing. :)

I may hate Valentines Day, but I'd be stupid to hate love.


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