February 26, 2016


In your blood, I found you
Your prayers carved into your skin
Like messages in ancient dwellings.
I carried you home.
I bound up your wounds.
Laughter sparked new the light in your eyes.
My heart was as healing salve.
I gave purpose to your scars
I showed you Mine,
But you did not believe Me.

Every kiss from Me singed memory alive.
My love, do not mark yourself for the dead.
My love, I make all things live.
You fled where you thought I could not see,
But I would go the whole earth to bring you home.
You found new lovers
You showed each one your scars,
And each of them fled as you did from Me.
My love, I would have fought them if you asked--
Bound up your wounds again,
Carried you home and healed you.
My love, I did not let you go.

In your blood, I found you
Your lips too parched for prayers
You were shivering and cold, leaning on the door post
As though I wouldn't let you in.
My love, do not be afraid.
My love, I make motion of the dead.

My love, I never locked the door.

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