October 26, 2014


I know there are days when you can't look in the mirror
For fear of the outside seeping in.
But, I need you to believe something.
I need you to believe that you are one of the most beautiful dancers I've ever seen.
You are not too much.
You are enough.
I need you to believe that you cannot dance well unless you can inspect your own form.
If you never look in that mirror, you'll never see what I see...

That dance is more than slender movement.
It is bearing pain in grace.
It is moving forward
Over and over and over
Until there is beauty.

I need you to believe that, because you dance.
Every day.
You are a masterpiece of strength
A movement, dynamic in its message.

Little ballerina, don't hate what I've created in you.
Dance like you did once
In a black velvet tutu.
I was your only audience.
Dance like that.
Look in the mirror.

It's one of My favorite memories of you.


Unknown said...

Thank you.

nataliejoymcbride.wordpress.com said...

Thank you.

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