April 21, 2008


Just some notes that I've written in the margins of the Brennan Manning book that I'm currently reading.

"David's heart WAS gratefulness. It was a true gratefulness that looked at God and said, "It is only by Your GRACE that I am alive. You owe me nothing. I owe You all."

"Am I, with my life, whispering doxology in the darkness around me?"

"Again, there it is...God owes me nothing"

"He (Jesus) knew God's will, yet He still submitted to whatever was in store for Him. He was God, but His life still screamed, 'GOD OWES ME NOTHING. I OWE HIM ALL.' "

If God owes us nothing, why does He offer us EVERYTHING? That isn't fair. I want nothing... nothing but all of Him.

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