February 28, 2008

The "Sort-of" brand of Christianity

Today, I decided to chill with some friends after class. After Contemporary Fiction, a girl needs some actually meaningful conversation. So, in hopes of this, I trudged across campus to the cafeteria, purchased a 20 ounce hot chocolate, and settled in with on of my friends at the "Big Table" in the cafeteria. There were two other students with him today, and the conversation was spiritual, so I was content for a few seconds.

I should rephrase. "The conversation was spiritual-- sort of."

I think something in me was a little agitated today. Nothing these other two students said was really settling well for me, and I think I truly came to recognize people who possess "a form of Godliness, but deny the power thereof."

"Either there will have to be a huge revival in America-- which I'm praying will happen, but it isn't likely-- or we're going to have to have a really strong Christian president to preserve the Christian heritage of America"

"There's really no point in evangelizing. Some people just aren't ready to hear the Gospel, and only people who are called by God the Father will come to the Son."

"Sometimes, I find myself asking God, 'Where are You? Where is the hope for our nation?'"

My reactions to all of these wonderful laments and shrugging off of responsibilities:

"Um.... WHAT?!"

"Um.... WHAT?!"

"Where is God? God is in YOU. Where is the Hope? The Hope is in YOU. Now, stop complaining. GO, make disciples of all men."

Of course, I didn't actually say these things, unfortunately. I just decided to retrace every letter on my midterm outline to keep from cursing them.

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