May 02, 2007

History Lesson

It always seems that we never change history
As we read old newspapers that speak of the past
Men walking on the moon, invading another nation
Or standing so tall that they were shot down.
In these moments, the idea that we're all
Just dust in the wind becomes exemplary
We feel useless and ever so small.
It is as if we must be ten times the size
Of this world just to change it or make something work
When really, the world is changed by everything
It is changed by the wind which moves
Thin, swaying tree branches, but not mountains.
It is changed by the tear that falls
Even if there is no real reason for it to surface.
It is changed when the sun rises in the morning,
And changed again when it goes down.
It is changed as the crowd rushes through the street
It is changed, even as things are simply standing still
Because everything that isn't now or forever is history
And everything we have done leaves the world
A little different than it was originally found.

How much could your smile change history,
Creating a chain reaction of smiles around the globe?

1 comment:

Bob Carder said...

I'm gonna smile more. Thanks!

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